I'm Candi! I'm a stay at home reformed Christian Mom to 4 kids and a wife to a husband of 11 years. We homeschool 3 out of our 4 children and love every minute of it.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

SpellQuizzer Give Away!! (And a review)

So far my family really likes this program. I tried it today for the first time with Saylor. It was very easy to use. And She loved it! I even let Her say some of the words. I think our family will enjoy this program for years to come. I would HIGHLY recommend this spelling program to anyone especially homeschoolers! THis is a 29.00 dollar product.

To enter this giveaway please just leave one comment. That's it! The deadline for this giveaway is May 5Th, 2010. On that day I will announce the winner who will be chosen through an automatic generator. And the company will send you your free program!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mini-Moez Play

The girls love doing this theatre class. It's every Tuesday and we are going to sign back up in the fall. Sage did one class and said no thanks! I think Sage will go into the engineer field. lol

2010-2011 homeschool picks

  • I really like this Company for an additional reading program.
  • We are using this Company for math again. Immagin is really doing good in math she is one year ahead right now, so they are both doing math 5.
  • We are going to start a foreign language with them this year, but can't decide which one yet, but will use this.
  • We may use this for Bible, History and Science. But I really like this for Science so we are still researching these areas for this year.
  • For Language we are going to use the same program we used last school year.
  • We are going to add a cursive handwriting program, typing and a spelling program in addition to language. Just haven't made up our minds on which one yet.
  • And for Saylor she starts K this year we started doing this with saylor and she is doing great with it. She is already reading. I would recommend this to anyone!
  • They are possibly going to do Veritas this year. It's a program where they go to school one day out of the week.
I think that's it. I can't wait for the new school year. God is so good!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Rat!!!!

So Tonight Sage went to take a shower and about 15 minutes into it, I heard a scream for me. I ran in to see what was wrong and he just kept screaming "There's two black guys in the shower"! Imagine my shock! He was stuttering and could barely speak! But that's what I heard two black guys in the shower. In fact what He said was there are two black eyes in the shower (drain). This doesn't sound much better to me. He thought he saw a rat in the shower drain, in fact it was just bubbles and hair!!!! He scared the crap out of me! I had to blog this because I didn't want to forget. BOYS!!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Smeeks, Pho and Splash pad fun

Sissy was so distracted by all the candy to look at the camera
For dinner before church we went to this pho restaraunt. Immagin loves the BBQ pork. So good!
PHO! Jeff's fav

Sage was so tired, He was literaly falling asleep at the table. He had a full weekend of sleepovers. He actually slept the entire church service that night!
What's going on in this pic?!?! Silly Say Say

First day of Zoo splah cave!

We met at the park with lots of friends this night, so much fun!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Resurrection Sunday

This year was our first Easter at Apologia! It was a great day all together! It was very low key and relaxing. Stellar loved his basket, he couldn't really grasp WHY we were giving him all this candy!

Paige's Birthday

I had the great honor to make a great friends birthday cake for her sweet 16. We love Paige dearly and she is a blessing to our family! Happy Birthday Paige!!!