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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rice milk? Anyone.........

So I watched this video on milk last night about milk and how we shouldn't drink it at all. It freaked me out a little. I'm not going to get crazy and ban milk from my family's diet, but I want to try and consume less dairy. Dairy has always been a struggle for me. I know that I am addicted to it. I probably drink on my own, at least 1 big container of half n half a week in my coffee.. CRAZY, huh? I've been trying to use Coconut Creamer, and it is really good. I am making some changes, but they need to be more drastic. So any help or tips on how to quit the dairy all together would be awesome!
So I bought Rice milk tonight, has anyone ever used this? I'm going to try and substitute my family's milk for this in cereal and oatmeal and stuff like that and see if they like it. I will report back. Does anyone have any good recipes they use for this? After researching this more tonight I've found that almond milk is actually alot healthier, I am going to make that next week. It looks really good! Here's a recipe I found for it. I found it one The Happyfoodie Blog

"A sweet and delicious fresh milk with the elegant essence of vanilla"

1 cup soaked raw almonds (soaked 4-8 hours)
4 cups filtered water
Pinch of sun-dried sea salt
1 T non-alcohol vanilla extract
1/2 vanilla bean (optional)
3 T raw honey or maple syrup (or 3 soft dates, pitted)

In a blender, at medium, then high speed, blend soaked almonds, water, and sea salt until smooth. Pour through a strainer (or use a nut bag) to separate pulp. Pour liquid back in the the blender and blend in vanilla extract and bean (if using) and sweetener until smooth.

Human beings should not drink milk from a cow. It's that simple. So many illnesses and afflictions in children (and adults for that matter) could be cured if they would just cut out milk and milk products. There are tons of doctors, organizations, websites, etc...that will tell you the same thing, so you can do your own research. Here is one to get you started. Almond milk is a delicious alternative to cow's milk. Once you make your own...you'll never go back! It's so creamy and delicious. Perfect for dipping cookies, baking with, or drink it plain. Yum!

Here's some more cool info I found out about almonds which makes me want to substitute with it even more!

Almond milk is a milky drink made from ground almonds. Truth be told, it's much more almond than milk, as it contains absolutely no cholesterol or lactose. It can, however, be used to replace real dairy milk in many recipes.

Being able to use almond milk in place of dairy milk provides quite a few benefits. Besides opening the menu up for the lactose intolerant, it also removes the ever-problematic cholesterol from the equation.

Almonds alone have been hailed as a "super food" due to their high concentration of vitamins (especially the all-important Vitamin E), antioxidants, protein, and minerals such as zinc, magnesium, potassium, iron - and calcium. In fact, an eight-ounce glass or dairy milk contains 300 milligrams of calcium. Eight ounces of whole almonds - the overwhelming ingredient in almond milk - contains almost 550 milligrams of calcium.


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KBraden said...

I haven't tried almond milk but I can say rice milk is not the best flavor. We tried to cut out some dairy awhile back as I did all the research on it extra. I have had friends say that almond milk is soo much better tasting but it is going to be more pricey.

You can use rice milk in sub for reg milk. I have done that and can't taste the difference but I wouldn't recommend doing that with the almond as it will have the nutty flavor.

After I weaned my 2 yr old I only gave her goats milk. She won't drink cows milk. They say goats milk is similar to our milk therefore it's easier for our bodies to break down. You don't really get that much calcium from cows milk either. You get more from all your dark green leaf veggies.

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Anonymous said...

I have tried almond milk and it is really good. I have also tried hemp milk, and it is suprisingly good...and it is good for you. I know hemp gets a bad rep, but a lot of athletes use it as a great substitute for dairy products.

Katie said...

Candi, we've been drinking Rice Milk for years. Used to get Rice Dream for a good price at Trader Joes, then they stopped carrying the large size, but their own brand is fine, and cheaper than any brands at the health food stores. Rice milk will not be a satisfactory replacement for half and half. (I too use too much in my coffee) I prefer Soy creamer to the Coconut, but soy isn't good for Caucasians either. Nothing compares to half and half...sigh. I made Almond milk years ago, and liked it. And I buy it still occasionally... again, not a good sub. for creamer though. I think I still have the Almond milk recipe from my naturopathic doctor in CA, I'll look for it. ;o)