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Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Word!

So today was a crazy Saturday. Fun but, crazy! Last night Sage had his friend Danny over and we woke this morning and picked up Saylor and her friend Mady from her sleepover and headed to Tempe Beach Park. I had on long jeans and just wasn't thinking I was going to get wet, I was WRONG! I was planning on going shopping after. Dang it. I still went. Keep in mind I had 5 kids with me in T.J. Maxx and it was packed! Stellar was being such a grouch. He hadn't had a nap or boobdie and was just unbearable. He was crying as I made my purchase and I was walking out with Him trying to console Him. This OLD lady, very loudly says goodness! She wasn't saying it in a sweet grandma type of way. She was genuinely upset that he was crying. What is wrong with people? Why would you do that to a mom that you see is having a not so great time shopping with 5 kids?! This really bothered me for a good 20 minutes, I just kept thinking to myself, doesn't this lady have kids? I guess hers didn't cry. Seriously. Ugh!


Paige Baker said...

I love your real posts. Sorry about the crazy lady!

I♥thesecrazykids said...

People like that irritate me.

Katie said...

She has children but the good 'ol days of beating her kids with paddles (with holes in them! don't forget the hole!) and huge engagement rings, she never had the pleasure of dealing with a child expressing their emotions in a public place.

Not being sarcastic either, I always get the "In my day..." by my 93 year old grandmother.

:-) Did ya get anything cute at Tjmaxx?

Rachel said...

Yikes, that's terrible and not fair. I always try to be sympathetic and empathetic to moms I see struggling, since I know how it can be. Hope your day got better after that :)

Melissa said...

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